Third Edition of Music Success in Nine Weeks With Foreword Written by Derek Sivers is still a Top Selling Book for Musicians.

Global Expansion of Cyber PR and an Official Cyber PR Course at MTSU are Tributes to Ariel’s Own Book’s Advice on Success

Brooklyn, NY – Way back before anyone even used the term “social media” Ariel Hyatt, founder of Ariel Publicity (now known as Cyber PR) in New York City, threw out the traditional publicity rule book and went “digital” with her venture foreseeing the impact the advent of the internet and social media would have on public relations long before her peers.

The Cyber PR process marks the intersection of social media with engaged behavior, PR, and online marketing.  Her efforts to realize the public relations potential of social media while scaling her business resulted in innovation.  Ariel developed her web-based platform, Cyber PR, to automate much of the traditional PR process and maximize client placement with new media makers.

Ariel didn’t just provide the platform; she made it her mission to educate artists on how to take advantage of the digital world. Her signature system Music Success in 9 Weeks is the cornerstone of her mission.

Her message is so compelling that she has presented her ideas and taught at over 50 festivals and conferences in twelve countries, including SXSW, MIDEM, CMJ, ASCAP’s I Create Music, Canadian Music Week, APRA’s Song Summit (Sydney), You Are In Control (Reykjavik), The ECMAs, and Grammy Camp. Ariel also hosts a widely popular video and newsletter series, Sound Advice, offering information about the emerging music business for musicians and music entrepreneurs.

In the Fall of 2011, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)  a globally recognized leader in the world of music business schools debuted an official Cyber PR class based on the principals used in Ariel’s day-to-day business and in Music Success in Nine Weeks. She and her staff led students in a rigorous Cyber PR accreditation process that included hands on experience working on active Cyber PR Campaigns.

Released in its third edition, with a foreword by Derek Sivers, Music Success in 9 Weeks can easily be deemed the “get yourself established online” bible for  artists. It provides the missing manual for musicians trying to make sense of social media and get in control of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

With her candid workbook style, it feels like you are sitting down with Ariel, scribbling your own ideas all over the book’s pages.

“I am guiding musicians to take off their artists’ hats for a nine weeks and put on their business hats,” says Ariel. Her tactics have actualized exponential success for her most proactive readers by giving them a solid business strategy.


The book is available in ebook and paperback at:  MUSICSUCCESSINNINEWEEKS.COM

Also available on AMAZON.COM and the NOOK AT BARNES AND NOBLE.