“Hyatt stresses the point that many musicians are reluctant to market themselves, and she wisely reframes the musician’s career as a business. She points out that a musician who thinks their only job is to make good music is an idealist who’s not really interested in having anyone hear their work. The steps she outlines will be difficult for some artists to carry out, but taken one at a time, and broken down into smaller tasks, they become part of your larger job as an artist. Her experience as a publicist, and particularly her understanding of what will get people’s attention, is the key to her pitch. She provides compelling advice on how to connect with those who can help advance your career, garnering you more fans, gigs, rehearsal space, private shows, interns, and, eventually, money. She provides valuable guidance on how to make your press kit work on a web site, noting who will be visiting your website and for what purpose.”

– No Depression review of Music Success in Nine Weeks


“Even if you have a good business head and the experience to boot, you’ll still benefit from the information listed [in Music Success in Nine Weeks] because it will force you to rethink your current strategy and implementation.”

– testimonial from Kelly Greene, a Grand Prize Winner of the first Social Media House


“Destined to become the musician’s marketing bible.”

– Book Reviews & News by Janie Franz


“How good is this book? I figured that I would just skim through the book since I already know a good bit about how the social media world works, but I couldn’t put it down and wound up learning a lot myself since the book covers so much more than social media. Her information is concise, to the point, and easy to grasp, no matter if you’re a social media veteran or just dipping your toe into the online waters for the first time.”

– Bobby Owsinski, Music 3.0


“One of Hyatt’s clients, Michael Lynche, made it to the top four on this season’s American Idol. And he praises her ability to teach musicians the art and science of social networking. And since the book is less of a lecture and more of a workbook, it’s helpful in a very hands-on and useful way.”

– CMT Blog


“The best part of the advice Ariel gives is that it applies to more than just musicians. If you are a freelancer of any kind, these exercises and methods will work just as well for you… Essentially, this is one of the best books of it’s kind around. Ariel is great at what she does and this is a handy DIY version of her more expansive CyberPR® Campaigns.”

– Jason Shadrick


“Ariel’s book is not a lot of hype and self promotion. She teaches musicians how to promote themselves. A lot of the advice is applicable to other professions, especially artists and photographers. The book is easy to read and fun to follow. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting more publicity and is willing to devote nine weeks to doing it.”

– Gail Pruszkowski, Gig Hive


“Hyatt, the founder and brain behind Ariel Publicity, shares her custom nine week guided regimen with emphasis on creating a pitch for you or your band (your business), overhauling your website, understanding social media and its relevance to the music industry, blogging, connecting with fans and networking. As Hyatt has been working in the industry (and quite successfully) she takes the noble step of “teaching a man to fish” so you can survive without actually having to hire a publicist.”

– Andy Powell, North Coast Music Journal


“In the music industry, marketing is everything. “Music Success in Nine Weeks: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to use Social Media & Online Tactics to Supercharge Your PR, Build Your Fan Base, and Earn More Money” is a guide to pushing one’s music in today’s highly connected and media driven world. Anyone can get a chance to have their music heard, and Ariel Hyatt does well in fully explaining the methods she believes will help readers gain a greater grasp of PR for themselves and their band. “Music Success in Nine Weeks” is a top pick for those who want their chance at the big time.”

– Midwest Book Review


“I have had years in sales, marketing and public relations and can tell you that everything you need to launch a successful venture (whether that’s in music or something else) is not only here but in a clear, concise, viable form that would be easy to implement—from the elevator pitch to optimizing your web site to grad-school in the use of social media….”

– Rosebud Book Reviews


“In her book Music Success in Nine Weeks, Ariel Hyatt presents a wealth of knowledge in a readily-accessible, easily digestible form. The reader immediately gets the distinct impression that Ariel is really trying to help them out, and not just sell them a “get rich quick” book. Music Success is an interactive book in the sense that what you put into it is what you’ll get out of it, like music in general.”

– Guitar International Magazine


“My review of Ariel Hyatt’s Music Success in Nine Weeks is: Get it now! The second edition is even meatier than the first, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

– How To Sell Music Blog


“If you’re a go-getter and really serious about your music career, then this book will either reinforce what you’re doing and give you even more useful tips, or get you on the right track.”

– Deirdre Breakenridge for Music Quench


“Ariel Hyatt has put together a simple yet thorough guide to maximizing your music marketing efforts, and for musicians who’d like to take a solid step toward organized professional musicianship.”

– Whatz Up